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About Eric

I'm just a guy that loves painting.  I like conversational Art, Art that demands attention, keeps people thinking or laughing.  I'm mostly a "Fan Artist" which means I recreate other images I've found on the net, but I'll pop off an original piece here and there as well.

I'm not really looking for any attention or accolades for the work I do, I just enjoy bringing the art I love to life and giving other people the chance to enjoy them as well.

I've been painting for a long time, though, "professionally" for just a couple of years.   I went to Art School for Computer Animation and hated it, so I ended up taking on a Tattoo Apprenticeship and became a Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer for over 10 years.  After burning myself out in that field I dabbled here and there and ended up finding a new appreciation for painting.  I would paint stuff for my house primarily, until friends kept asking to buy everything I painted.  Then after a computer repair guy I had at my home offered to trade me a piece of art for the work he did on my PC, I decided maybe I should try to sell some of my work.  So I put up a tent in a little Arts and Crafts thing downtown and the rest is history.

I've been blessed to meet a lot of wonderful people along the way.  I've had a few "haters" here and there but you can't please everyone.  I know Fan Art isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for me its about finding amazing work and sharing it for more to see!  If I know the original artists name I'll list it, but most stuff I find is just via google.  Never thought people would have a problem with this type of art honestly, as a Tattoo Artist I had been doing the same thing for years on skin, tattooing images people brought me, piecing stuff together,  etc. 

I am enjoying a lot of the custom work I've been dealt.  Portraits are growing on me and really hope I can keep honing those skills.  Time will tell I suppose!  In the meantime, I just enjoy being able to paint on a full time basis, as a "job."  How awesome is that!!  I can't thank all my customers enough, especially Mike & Kelly who now own more of my work than I do!  Many of you deserve shout outs, problem is, I'm terrible with names.  You guys know who you are.  I can't thank each and every one of you enough!  That goes for my family as well, all of you!  The support around me is amazing!  Thank you all!